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            AJ-1000 Flow Injection Analyzer


            The instrument is designed for the determination of cyanide, volatile phenol, anionic surfactant, ammonia nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand, sulfide, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, nitrate / nitrite, hexavalent chromium and other ingredients in surface water, groundwater, drinking water and environmental water.


            -Fully automatic multi-channel analysis, the workstation software can run up to 8 channels simultaneously. The analysis method is easy and fast to change; the entire analysis process is completed automatically without manual operations;
            -Peristaltic pump: 12-channel integral gland peristaltic pump, pump speed can be programmed between 1-100 rpm;
            -Auto sampling system: polar-coordinate auto sampling system, with 162 positions for sample tube, cell for needle washing and 2 large cells for cleansing liquid, to meet the needs of large sample volume analysis;
            -Super long life-time LED light source up to tens of thousands of hours. High-sensitivity blue-light enhanced photo detector, and the wavelength range is 340nm-1050nm;
            -High-precision A/D converter, the detection dynamic range is not less than 3 orders;
            -Diluter: It can automatically make standard solutions for calibration curve and online dilution of out-of-range samples with a dilution factor of 1.5-10000 times;
            -Reagent dosage: 10ug-100ug depending on the method;
            -Response Time: each method is different, the fastest is 120 samples / hour.


            Linear range: 0.01 -2mg / L (based on P);
            MDL: <0.005 mg / L (based on P);
            Response Time: 30 samples / hour;
            Precision: <1.0%;
            Note: the specifications will vary on the measured substances.

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